Rainer Bock, Head of Content and Platform, Tomorrow Unlocked, Kaspersky

The pandemic has created a whole lot of new challenges for communications people, with a dilemma in the centre of it: we have to speak about it, but if we do so, someone will not like it – no matter what we say. So the question for all of us now is: how do we create relevant content, that is interesting enough to reach the masses, but doesn’t create a shitstorm? And how do we at the same time demonstrate a purpose that makes sense to people? I am looking forward to seeing how communicators across the globe have dealt with this.

Alexander Knorn, Global Head of Digital, TRW Aftermarket

Receiving such a reputable prize is the best possible reward for the hard work of the whole team. We never dreamed of successfully competing against some of the biggest European, even global, consumer brands – the award raises our profile within the organisation and motivates us to push boundaries even further.

Andrea Polo, Communication Director, Facile.it

Hundreds of PR experts, more than one thousand incredible campaigns, indescribable emotions when they announce your name as a winner; this is the European Excellence Award – a super stimulus for our job and creativity.

Andrej Bosanac, Account Manager, AMI Communications

It was great and inspiring to see the most important faces of Europe’s PR scene in one place and at the same time see the faces of people behind some of the campaigns that I was able to see in the media in 2015. The whole event was arranged professionally and we had a great time.

Camilla Westman, ANR BBDO

It’s inspiring to see so many smart and creative campaigns from all over Europe, and it’s an honour to be acknowledged with such a prestigious award.

Team, Burson-Marsteller Stockholm

We feel deeply honoured to be recognized for our work among many brilliant cases from all over Europe. The European Excellence Awards is a great platform to show our industry’s most innovative and creative work.